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FeedBack People

Biofeedback based group experience


Feedback PEOPLE is a Biofeedback based massive group experience. It gathers non-professionals in large groups of people to create together a mass dance performance based on an individual's heart rate, skin sweat and blood vessels flow.

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Photos by Noa Sagie, Yuval Oded

Feedback classic


We would like to invite dancers, actors, movers from professional and non-professional background  to experience the artistic language of Feedback. The workshop includes connecting to the biofeedback sensors and witnessing the live, moving graphs. Feedback language was created out of a need to answer the question “how can we translate Biofeedback measurements into a performance?”. Throughout the workshops, participants will explore the four strategies in which the performers work with the Biofeedback graphs: mirroring, interpretation, personal stories and an attempt to influence.

Participants will be able to create a Feedback session, using all tools provided, switch roles and connect themselves to the Biofeedback sensors.

Home Feedback


Home feedback is an intimate suggestion for life-events or special social/team gatherings. In  the home workshop volunteers from the group are connected to Biofeedback sensors. Together the participants bring into life the volunteers physiological measures through short stories from reality and imagination, music that they love to love, joint movement and even drawing. All of these creates a unique ceremony of connection that deepen, renews and celebrates your acquaintance with the group. The home feedback workshop demands a close place and can also be put around a specific topic.

We are always happy to hear your needs or fantasies and create a workshop that suits you exactly.

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