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"It was then - when I was connected to biofeedback sensors,

that I witnessed the graph dancing.

It was performing the dance of my insides.

The excitement of understanding that the graph was representing something true within me, transformed into this project."

Danielle-Natalie Kind, creator.

Feedback is a socio-artistic-scientific project.

It is an interactive, treatment-inspired artistic quest, a live research in progress. The project uses both art and science as investigative tools to understand the human mind and its physiological response.

Each experience is based on a volunteer from the audience who is connected to Biofeedback sensors. The sensors measure heart rate, skin conductivity and blood Flow. These parameters are brought into life in different performative experiences: Performance, People, Party, Workshops and Lectures.

Feedback encounters objective information from a subjective place. It celebrates the variety of human responses in different languages. We prioritize layers of resonance. We call it ‘feedback on feedback on feedback’. We invite you to join us and add your layer.


**Clarification: The Feedback volunteer and participants are invited to experience  elements of training for self-regulation in a performative setting. These are not therapeutic sessions.

About Biodfeedback


When we are under stress or excited, our bodies reflect this through:

  • Increased sweat gland activity

  • Increased skin conductance

  • Increased heart rate

  • Sharp and erratic heart rate changes

  • Rapid, irregular breathing

  • The role of biofeedback

Biofeedback uses visual displays of your stress levels to guide you in using paced, even, and relaxed breathing techniques to calm the "fight or flight" stress responses that remain even though the evolutionary days of clear and immediate mortal danger are long behind us. Biofeedback allows us to control our biology, and thus our stress levels. Changes in the measurements may reflect the activity of the Autonomic Nervous System as well as cognitive and emotional activity.

Alive Pioneer is the Biofeedback software that we work within Feedback©. It was developed by Ryan Derluz and Dr. Yuval Oded. Alive introduces new ways to train stress, relaxation, and emotional states using a variety of new Pioneer Measurements derived from your pulse (heart rate), Blood vessels (Vigilance) and skin sweat (Arousal).


  1. Arousal
    The arousal index is based on skin conductance. Stress-induced sweat can be triggered by sensory, emotional or mental stimulation. Heightened arousal, as indexed by skin conductance responses, will appear on the monitor as a rising line, and might indicate a busy mind with many thoughts buzzing around. A lower wakefulness, on the other hand, could indicate a slower line of thought.


  2. Heart rate
    The heart rate index shows the natural and dynamic rhythm of the patient. Is the initial rhythm of the person in front of us slow or fast?


  3. VigilanceVigilance
    The vigilance index reflects the contraction and expansion of blood vessels. This graph is an amplitude graph and should be read differently than the linear graph. A wider graph means more expanded blood vessels, and indicates a state of relaxation, comfort and security. In a vigilant state, represented by a narrower graph, the blood vessels at the surface of the fingers contract. This contraction can reflect different emotions, such as stress, expectation, preparedness for action and positive excitement.


Go to ALIVE website

About the people

Creator: Danielle-Natalie Kind

Co-Creator: Dr. Yuval Oded

Psychologists: Dr. Yuval Oded, Dr. Merav Herman

Performers: Noa Bar, Eden (Fey) Kramer, Oryan (Peach) Rosen, Avishay Zawoznik

Stage Design: Yasmin Caspin

Costumes: Elinohar (Manche) Binshtock, ATA

Dramaturgy consultant: Yael Citron

ALIVE- Biofeedback Software development: Ryan Deluz and Dr. Yuval Oded

Home: Ensemble Anat


 Feedback was created with the support of Tel-Aviv municipality and Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.

Danielle-Natalie Kind - Creator

A choreographer, performer and teacher. Hope and optimism are key elements in her work, which aims to integrate art with society, education and culture. The founder and artistic director of Anat - An interdisciplinary social-artistic movement. Kind is the dance department coordinator and senior class mentor at ‘EMIS – Eastern Mediterranean International School’ in Israel.

As part of her innovative worldview, Kind left the mainstream professional stage at a young age and over a decade had created, performed and presented within the people - in museums, galleries  and the streets. Her work was presented in places such as Jerusalem Arts Festival, Tel-Aviv Museum, and more recently in 14th Street Y in New York, and Harvard Medical School. Kind now creates indoor interactive stage performances, striving to engage the audience as active-performers.


Dr. Yuval Oded - Co-creator

A clinical psychophysiologist specializing in treatment of extreme stress. The founder and director of clinics throughout Israel that integrate biofeedback , cognitive- behavioral therapy neurofeedback and mindfulness to treat a wide array of conditions, including anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, chronic illnesses, neurological problems, psychosomatic problems, head trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. Founder of Psy-Phi, a company that uses a "Mental Gym TM" to train Israeli Defense Force elite units, combat pilots,executives and medical staff to achieve and maintain optimal performance under stress. Biofeedback and peak performance training to the French Ministry of Defense, U.S army ,psychologists, physicians, social workers and Hi-Tech companies. Specialties: Psychologist and Neuropsychologist Cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical psychophysiology.

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About Biofeedback
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